Zulu Wisdom

13 08 2011

Each day brings with it a gift. It is our choice whether to take it or not. If we accept it, no matter how small it might be, nothing will be quite the same as it was yesterday. If we do not take the gift it will leave with the day. But if we try to take more than the day offers, we break the rhythm of patience. That which grows slowest lasts longest. – Zulu Sangoma


I was kissed by an elephant named Temba…

29 09 2010

To celebrate our 4th anniversary, Ash & I went away for a well-deserved break to Hartbeespoort dam over the long weekend … 4 days / 3 nights… glorious.

Apart from spending some alone time with my love, away from the business, the e-zine, the websites, the kids, etc. the highlight for me was a trip to the Elephant Sanctuary on Friday – Heritage day.

Since childhood, I have had a fascination with elephants: I often think that if I had been born into a North American Indian tribe, the elephant would have been my totem and spirit guide. My bookcases are filled with literature about them and my home, particularly my study is crammed with elephant figurines including the Ganesh, the Hindu elephant god of new beginnings.

What started out as a cool outing became a spiritual experience that fed, and still feeds, my soul…

With Ash in tow, faithfully capturing each precious moment on DVD and camera, our trusty guide Ignatius led us through a magnificent experiential journey of elephantine proportions that quickly became a journey of self-discovery.

Following some essential theory about teeth and age and statistics, we got to feed and elderly lady called Masadi, who was having a day off. Feeding an elephant is an extraordinary process … one scoops up a handful of pellets (made up of various plants, tree bark and other elephant delights) and funnel it into her moist dexterous questing trunk … talk about being fed through the nose, she then scoops this mixture up into her waiting mouth and insatiably demands more.

Next stop was an interactive meet & greet with three elephants: Khumba, Mvusu and Temba. After a brief introduction by each handler, each elephant performed it’s specialty … a jump from Temba; an incredibly difficult feat for a 10 year old 2 ton female elephant, kneeling from Mvusa, an 11 year old mischievous male elephant and an ear splitting trumpet on demand bugle from Khumba, the 16 year old matriarch of the clan.

Now came the opportunity to handle, feel and interact with the trio … I was off like a rocket. First came Khumba: guided by the know-how of her handler Zachariah, I experienced the gentleness, wisdom and dignity of the old girl as she patiently endured my hands-on experience of her surprisingly soft skin, her hard tusks, her agile trunk, her wispy tail, her soft ears and her squashy feet.

Similarly with Mvusa and lastly with Temba.

With Temba I experienced a connection that went beyond species: staring deeply into her perceptive eye, I felt as if I was communicating soul to soul. With her amazingly nimble trunk, she sought out my hand and held on … like holding hands with an innocent, guileless, timeless, ancient, playful child: and then the kiss …

Her trunk coiled up, flattened itself on my right cheek and puckered creating a slimy, snotty, slurp. What a blessing …. to be kissed on the cheek by an all but wild African elephant.

Then off to walk with them … Temba again, gently holding my hand and following me around the paddock and just before lunch, the opportunity to ride up on an elephant’s high, broad back, like a king.

Temba again … in chatting with her handler, Mathew, he shared with me that Temba means ‘Trust’.

I certainly felt trusted by this huge semi wild African goddess who had welcomed me into her space; shared her essence with me and allowed me to ride high on her back … lord of all I surveyed.

That night, as I lay dozing next to my soul-mate, Ashleigh, I reflected on the experience and its relevance to my life and on my next step…

Time to let go; resign as General Manager of the Universe, trying to control and micro-manage every last detail around me, worrying at each cautious step, and finding fault with the details…

Time to leap… and trust, after all Temba means trust, and I was kissed by an elephant called Temba!

If you were Coaching yourself, what would you say…

25 08 2010

OMG, I’m effectively down to 8 clients! Panic attack … Calm down.
You’re not dead yet; you’ve been through worse.

 You know what happens when you go into a flat spin’ … You undo all the progress that you have made: you push it all away.

 If you were coaching you right now, what would you tell yourself?
Challenge the assumption: stop P’ing all over yourself.

This is not Permanent: the last 3 months have been great; you built your coaching practice up to a core of 20 quality clients; you can do it again … You’ve done before – you can do it again.

This is not Pervasive: your relationship is strong; you have finally klapped the flu; opportunities are opening up; your new project is developing well…

 OK …
And this is not Personal: your clients moved on because they got what the needed – you did that; you made a difference … They even  told you so!

 So: you have everything you need to turn it around! All you need is some new clients … People who need help to shift their stuff and get unstuck…

 You’ve been successfully coaching people for 9 years now: where did you find them? So go find some more …”Stand in the traffic” again – get found.

 Every now and then I need to have a little chat with myself … It keeps me honest!


Self Coaching Card Focus for this week:

14 06 2010

Self Coaching Card Focus for this week: Home & Family – Priority


Huge breakthrough for my Coaching Client…

7 06 2010

Huge breakthrough: my Coaching client came to the conclusion that ALL he has to do is change his mind … Way cool! http://ow.ly/1V0Mv


Are we our own worst enemy…

2 06 2010

Client who really needs help rescheduled – lame excuse. Sad when people who really need help can’t commit to themselves. http://ow.ly/1STFV


Hootsuite making things easier to add mu

24 05 2010

Hootsuite making things easier to add multiple posts …